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With Qloud, we aim to provide you with a state-of-the-art security setup. Our servers will automatically provision SSL certificates for your domain and redirect all requests to the HTTPS protocol. We have a hardened, but compatible, SSL/TLS configuration in place (you can check this yourself using SSL Labs).

Grade A+

Additionally, we set HSTS to ensure that Browsers come to expect that this site is reachable via HTTPS.

Our servers serve all requests via IPv4 and IPv6. Also, internally we communicate either via IPv4 or IPv6 (at the moment, we prefer IPv4, if both IPs are available, as many servers are not correctly configured for IPv6).

If available on the Browser side, our servers will also use HTTP/2, no matter what protocol your backend server uses.

Our servers are protected against DDOS attacks, are load balanced over multiple data centers, and are proudly served by the latest FreeBSD operating system version.

From data protection side, we exclusively use European service providers and are fully GDPR-compliant.