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Configure a Custom Domain

Running on the domains is well and dandy for testing or small hobby projects, but at some point, you'll want to run your application on a custom domain.

We have different ways to do this, depending on the type of domain you're using (subdomain, or apex domain).

Using a Subdomain

If you want to run you application on a subdomain of your domain, for example, we ask you to configure a CNAME record in your DNS.

Subdomain Configuration with CNAME

We'll verify that you are the owner of the domain using this special CNAME name ( in this case).

We recommend using a short TTL in your DNS record (1 to 5 minutes), so that you can update it easily.

Using an Apex Domain

An apex domain is a domain without the subdomain part. In our example, it would be, but also is an apex domain.

Apex Domain Configuration with ALIAS

Apex domains do not allow the use of CNAME records. Instead, we need to use ALIAS records.

ALIAS Records are non-standard, but widely available

ALIAS records are non-standard, and are not supported by all DNS providers. What is does, is to check the IP address of the domain you're pointing to and return its IP addresses.

Some DNS providers call this ANAME, or Cloudflare even calls it CNAME but uses CNAME flattening to make it work.

For apex domains, we ask you to configure the ALIAS record in your DNS, and add an additional TXT record that lets us verify that you are indeed the owner of the domain.

In case your DNS provider does not support any of these options, please contact us, and we'll discuss alternatives.

Social Login providers

As soon as you switch to a custom domain, we cannot automatically configure social login providers. Please check Social Logins how to do this.