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Backend Server

In the Application section, enter the host of your backend server.


It's also possible to configure a non-standard port, and to define whether we should verify your SSL certificate.

Server Options

We'll set the HTTP headers as if the request is sent directly to your backend server. In addition, we provide X-Forwarded-For, X-Forwarded-Host, and X-Forwarded-Proto headers to indicate the origin of the request.

  • X-Forwarded-For: the IP address of the client, if multiple proxies are used (for example, in your own infrastructure), you should get a list of IPs (in this case, the leftmost IP is the client's IP address)
  • X-Forwarded-Host: the host the client used to connect to the application (i.e. the custom domain you configured, or the domain you get from us), this host should be used to generate absolute URLs in your backend application
  • X-Forwarded-Proto: the protocol used to connect to the application, using Qloud, this will always be https